QFlavor Beef Tallow: Improves texture and mouthfeel

Provide a nice fatty texture in meat and savory products to improve beef flavour. Ideal for cooking, frying, and baking. Discover all benefits and possibilities

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  • Applications: Savory applications, like sauces, gravies, soups and stews, Minced meat products, like hamburgers, meatballs, fresh sausages, Emulsified sausages, like frankfurters, bologna types and mortadella, Frying applications, such as French fries, tempura, fried chicken
    Function: Flavor
    Origin: Beef
    Benefits: Flavor-enhancing properties, Texture improvement, High smoke point, Convenient, Natural and minimally processing

    Tallow is a versatile ingredient in the meat and savory industry, prized for its flavor-enhancing properties and ability to improve texture. Its rich taste and high smoke point make it ideal for cooking and frying, while its solid consistency at room temperature makes it perfect for baking. Moreover, Beef Tallow is able to provide a nice fatty texture in for example gourmet burgers to improve beef flavour.

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  • Evidence:

    QFlavor Beef Tallow - Evidence

    Using tallow in combination with Sonac Functional bovine Proteins can be used for cost reduction purposes. The combination is made by making emulsions which can thereafter be added to your meat products. Combinations of Sonac proteins such as the GP83 Beef and beef collagen give a comparable yield to the reference hamburger with beef fat. Also, texture wise emulsions with Sonac proteins and beef tallow are comparable and provides more juiciness and flavour.


    • Rich beef flavour
    • Fatty
    • Umami
    • Creamy
    • 100% natural

    Facts & figures:

    QFlavour Beef Tallow is 100% natural and sustainable bovine material with minimal processing. With pleasant rich umami taste and high smoke point it provides depth to meat and savoury products by using it during mincing, mixing or searing, roasting and frying.

    • Download leaflet

      Interested in our QFlavor Beef Tallow leaflet?

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