A natural flavorant for meat and savory products.

  • Creating depth and complexity to meat and savoury products to excel eating experiences

    Creating desirable taste and juicy textures in meat and savoury products for a good eating experience is what producers are looking for nowadays. Our QFlavour category offers solutions to excel tastes and textures to bring more depth and complexity into products.

  • Better eating experience while reducing costs

    The richness in flavor and cooking versatility make QFlavour a popular choice among food processors and manufacturers when boosting eating experiences in meat and savoury products. Using QFlavour in combination with our functional proteins enables producers to substitute fatty trimmings and back fat and therefore reduce costs.

  • Versatile ingredient for meat and savoury products
  • Boosting flavour-enhancing properties
  • 100% animal origin
  • Enables producers to replace crude fat
  • easy applicable in processes

QFlavor solutions