Natural fresh meat binders for every application

  • Comes with excellent fresh meat bindings properties for many different applications

    Many of today’s meat products rely on the uniformity and optimal efficiency of the high-quality meat available. Our QConnect category comes with excellent fresh meat binding properties for many different applications. With QConnect, you can bind fresh and/or (uncooked) meat using a natural solution free of any allergens and involving a safe process that stops by itself when the binding has reached the right consistency. QConnect will help you raise the efficiency and uniformity of your meat products and gain a better yield on your high-quality meat cuts.

  • Upgraded fresh meat, precise portion control

    Like all of the QRange solutions, QConnect offers a sustainable, all-natural way of upgrading your fresh meat and achieving precise portion control. Whether you need to bind fresh meat on a large, automated scale or a smaller, semi-automated scale, QConnect – backed by our technical expertise – can help you solve your puzzle and create the perfect product.

  • Beef or pork origin, in frozen or powder form
  • Optimal maintenance of meat structure and tenderness in bound products
  • Allergen-free, safe to use and involving a controlled binding process
  • Easier processing and cooking
  • Connects fresh meat and also fat
  • Ideal for trendy, innovative meats and portion-control meat products

QConnect solutions