Replace up to 25% of meat or fat content with patented QExtend. Without loss of quality

  • A natural meat or fat replacer of 100% animal origin

    Reducing the cost price in meat or fat processing by using meat replacement solutions can be tricky. With QExtend you have the ideal solution: a natural meat replacer of 100% animal origin with which you can reduce the cost price, maintain volume and improve juiciness and mouthfeel.

  • Replace up to 25% of meat or fat with our patented qextend pf12

    QExtend PF12 significantly improves the valorization of raw materials. Depending on your application, you can replace up to 10% or even 25% of your meat or fat content with this natural, sustainable animal protein. With QExtend PF12 you have a lower cost price, a lower carbon footprint and an improved food experience for consumers all in one.

  • 100% beef or pork origin, in frozen form
  • Improved juiciness and mouthfeel
  • Significant cost price reduction
  • Sustainable ingredient; lower carbon footprint
  • Easy to apply; no additional process steps required
  • Zero loss of volume through one-on-one meat replacement

QExtend solutions