Tailor made partnerships for distributors From quest to quality in meat processing The QRange proteins in your blends

Fill out the gaps in your portfolio with our QRange proteins

  • Our distributors know the local market and its regulations. We have global expertise and reach. Together, we connect the best of both worlds.

    Our experts work side by side with our local partners to optimize the yield and quality of meat and savory products in many different countries. Our joint efforts create inspiring solutions to customers’ demands.

    EU food-grade products for your local market

    The quality of our proteins is of the highest stard. Still, certification to ensure compliance with local hygiene and safety regulations will be arranged if needed. Our complete and unique portfolio, including beef, pork, chicken and poultry origin, offer you a unique position in your market.

    Our toolbox; your revenue boost

    All product experts from our partners are able to take advantage of an in-house training course about the benefits and functionalities that our meat proteins offer. Our research center is available to perform tailor-made test productions to fulfill your clients’ quests for product optimization or replacement studies.

    We also provide all specialist support you require:

    • Product training
    • In-depth presentation tool
    • Sample kit
    • Application and research sheets
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    • Curious what range of origins and proteins we offer?

      Download our market leaflet with our solution matrix and see the depth of our portfolio.