About us

With Sonac, you can count on traceability, (food) safety and innovation. The knowledge and solutions we offer will help you improve product quality, enhance process efficiency, reduce costs and boost your margins. A global one-stop shop for innovative solutions & expertise.

  • Sustainability

    Today’s residuals, tomorrow’s resources

    To us at Sonac, showing respect for the environment is not an optional extra: it is part of our core business. Our innovative and varied application of animal by-products places us among the world’s pioneers in sustainable business. It is one of many unique residuals-to-resources concepts operated by the wider family of Darling Ingredients Inc.

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  • Compliance

    Meeting legislative requirements and customer expectations

    In our understanding of today’s markets, compliance is not only about meeting the legislative requirements for the different industries and regions we serve, but equally about complying with the demands and wishes of our customers. This applies to our own products and processes, but also to how we deal with people, animals, partner companies and the planet.

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