Functional proteins of animal origin

Make the most of your products with our QRange proteins. As a meat processing company, you have to stay up to date to make sure you’re getting maximum yield and quality. Your quest for quality can easily be resolved by using our functional proteins of animal origin.

Our qrange

  • QBind

    Getting that perfect texture, bite and sliceability, while also achieving maximum yield is a serious challenge in many meat production processes.

    • Improved texture, bite and sliceability
    • More efficient production, higher yield
    • Range for many different applications and processes
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  • QBoost

    Tap into today’s growing consumer craving for proteins and boost the quality and nutritional value of your meat products.

    • Great protein and/or calcium levels
    • Ahead of food legislation and consumer needs and wants
    • Clean label hydrolyzed proteins
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  • QColor

    With looks mattering more than ever in today’s food industry, consumers increasingly base their meat purchases on (natural) color.

    • Exclusively meat-authentic colors, free of E-numbers
    • Colors that affect only the (meat) proteins: no diffusion or leaking into fat or packaging
    • Product formulations for injection, mixing in dough and outside coloring
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  • QConnect

    Many of today’s meat products rely on uniformity and optimal efficiency of the available high-quality meat.

    • Connects fresh meat and also fat
    • Ideal for trendy, innovative meats and portion-control meat products
    • Allergen-free, safe to use and involving a (self-)controlled binding process
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  • QExtend

    Reduce cost naturally, while offering consumers improved juiciness and mouthfeel by using meat or fat replacement solutions is a challenge.

    • Significant cost-price reduction
    • Zero loss of volume through one-on-one meat replacement 
    • Improved juiciness and mouthfeel
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