Is your cooked ham breaking down and are you losing a lot of product during slicing? Or is your current protein-enrichment solution too pricey? Or perhaps you’re looking for a clearer ingredient list on your pork meat product? Our solution—called QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium—is high-quality and cost-competitive.


QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium is a hydrolyzed collagen that’s made from pork bones. The collagen is extracted from porcine bones and broken down into shorter peptides, dried, and then sold as a powder. Because the collagen is broken down into shorter peptides (i.e., hydrolyzed), it’s completely soluble.

Hydro-P Premium works in a variety of pork products like cooked hams, smoked and cooked bacon, and more. Among other benefits, this product will improve texture, and will boost protein content (in fact, Hydro-P Premium is 90% protein), water retention and total product yield.

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Find out more about the multifunctional properties of QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium in our leaflet. You’ll get more information about the nutrition and flavor properties of our hydrolyzed collagen, as well as how Hydro-P Premium performs when you incorporate it into your pork product.

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Hydro-P Premium for meat processors

Hydro-P Premium works in a variety of pork products like cooked hams, smoked and cooked bacon, and more. Because the collagen is hydrolyzed (e.g., broken down into shorter peptides, it’s completely soluble. For meat processors, the advantage of this extra step is that Hydro-P Premium is incredibly easy to use: simply add it to injection brines and it dissolves quickly. There aren’t any extra steps needed to successfully add Hydro-P Premium to pork products.

There are many benefits to using our hydrolyzed collagen in your pork meat product. For one, adding Hydro-P Premium will yield a healthier nutrition profile in your pork product due to higher protein content. It creates a better overall product quality, specifically in regards to texture and sliceability. Your product has the potential to have a clearer ingredient list that reduces or eliminates unrecognizable ingredients, and instead provides 100% natural ingredients that are allergen-free.

Another benefit to using Hydro-P Premium is it helps to increase product yield, and this improves production costs. Also, at Sonac, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the meat industry, and we continue to invest in various stages of production, which allows us to offer competitive pricing, keep our prices stable, and maintain a continuous supply of Hydro-P Premium.

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It’s fairly simple to include QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium in savory products, such as soup (or soup product like a broth or stock) or savory sauces—simply mix it into the broth. It dissolves quickly and easily because during production we break the collagen into shorter peptides (e.g., hydrolyzing it), which makes the protein powder completely soluble.

Adding Hydro-P Premium to products like these has a handful of benefits. As a producer of savory soups and sauces, you no longer need to cook broth from scratch with raw bones; instead, Hydro-P Premium is an immediate solution for a hassle-free broth. Plus, Sonac is constantly in production so the likelihood of an ingredient shortage is rare. Another benefit of our hydrolyzed collagen is that it enhances the taste of savory soups and sauces with its umami flavor. It also adds mouthfeel and boosts protein content.

Hydro-P Premium is also a 100% natural product, so using it can clear up your ingredient list, too. For instance, it’s an E-number-free substitute for ingredients like ‘natural aroma’ and ‘carrageenan.’

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  • 100% pork origin: allergen-free & label-friendly
  • Better texture, bite and sliceability
  • Yield and cooking loss improvement
  • Taste enhancement for meat and savory products
  • Improved nutrition profile by increasing protein content


Learn more about why using QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium improves pork products in our whitepaper: ‘Benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for pork meat’. In this whitepaper we explain benefits like improved texture, sliceability and cooking yield in depth. Plus, we outline why, where, and how to use Hydro-P Premium.

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Our functional animal protein solutions like QBoost Pork Hydro-P Premium are unique and of the highest quality. And Sonac is among the largest and most innovative protein producers worldwide with extensive technological expertise.

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