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From quest to quality in meat processing The QRange proteins in your blends

Use our expertise to optimize your products with natural, sustainable ingredients for safe and tasty food

  • Go for maximum yield and quality

    Cost reduction, clean-label, color optimization or halal-certified? Those are just a few of the questions our customers in the meat and savory market are confronted with on a daily basis. Our broad range of functional animal proteins will help you solve your specific quest for optimizing your products and keep you ahead of the competition.

    All sustainable, 100% natural animal ingredients

    All our proteins are totally sustainable, 100% of animal origin and made in EU food-grade facilities. Our global ‘nose-to-tail’ philosophy ensures that we use all parts of the animal without leaving any remains. This ensures that precious animal proteins are used to the best of their potential: for human and animal consumption.

    Let’s solve your meat puzzle

    Each new meat puzzle calls for different ingredients and knowledge. We support you with industry-leading expertise on functionalities and process. We have our own research center to perform product testing on your behalf. Alternatively, we can facilitate you with samples and application procedures.

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