The QRange proteins in your blends

Improve your blend with our innovative, stable and sustainable proteins

  • Our QRange proteins for your blends

    Quality and yield optimization, taste enhancement, clean-label or syneresis reduction? Those are just a few of the questions that customers in the meat and savory market reach out to you to answer. Our proteins are easily integrated into any current or new blends that you are offering.

    Constant quality; extensive product specifications

    Our EU-based production locations produce our proteins in a constant quality, year-round. Your research team can gather all the necessary information from our experts, or they can set up additional research for you. We will of course make samples available for your own R&D department to test too.

    Competitive pricing

    High-quality proteins are becoming scarcer nowadays. With our constant supply of resources and efficient production methods, we are able to offer our proteins for a very competitive price, together with all the knowledge and support you would expect from a global partner in functional animal proteins.

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