QExtend Pork PF12

Can replace meat up to 30% thanks to it patented fiber-like structure in ground meat products, sausage and emulsified products.

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  • Applications: Cooked sausages - eaten hot (hot dog, viena, frankfurter, breakfast sausage, grill type), Cooked sausages - cold cuts (lyoner, Pariser, Bologna, Mortadella type), Meat balls, hamburgers, fresh sausages, Dried and fermented sausages, Cooked salami (salami cotti, sucuk)
    Function: Extend
    Origin: Pork
    Benefits: Clean label, Low collagen, Meat, Fat, Salt, Cost reduction, MDM
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  • Application:

    QExtend PF12 can replace meat/vegetable proteins up to 25% in various meat applications. It can be processed as regular frozen meat or meat trimmings.

    • Hamburgers (fresh and precooked)
    • Grill sausages
    • Frankfurters
    • (Beef) Salami
    • Suçuk
    • Ready to eat meats"


    QExtend Pork PF12 - Evidence

    Figure 1. Cooking yield in grilled pork sausages with QExtend PF12

    In grilled pork sausages, no significant yield differences were found when using QExtend PF12.

    QExtend Pork PF12 - Evidence

    Figure 2. Cooked salamis. left: reference, right: 15% meat replaced with QExtend PF12)

    In either cooked or dried pork salamis, no significant difference was noticed in taste and texture when 15% of meat was replaced with 15% QExtend PF12. The slightly lighter color can be covered with addition of Harimix PP.


    • Reducing cost-price
    • Reducing fat
    • Improving juiciness
    • No influence on taste
    • Clean labelling"


    • Pork origin
    • Unique fiber-like structured protein
    • Replaces meat 1-to-1 without loss of quality
    • No fat
    • No hydroxyproline
    • Frozen product
    • Patented
    • Download leaflet

      Interested in our QExtend Pork PF12 leaflet?

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