QColor Beef Hemoglobin 92B

The perfect and safe solution for making local delicasies like black pudding, morcilla, blood tofu, blood sausage etc.

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  • Applications: Blood sausage, black pudding, blood pancake, morcilla, Nutritionally enriched products (drinks, bars, capsules)
    Function: Color
    Origin: Beef
    Benefits: Clean label

    Natural spray-dried Hemoglobin is the perfect product for the production of all kind of blood based delicacies. All round the world delicacies like black pudding, morcilla, blood tofu, blood sausage etc. are high praised on menus. With rising demand and growing supply-chains it is often difficult to process fresh blood in a food safe manner. Fresh blood is prone to spoilage and it isn’t efficient logistics wise. The spray-dried Hemoglobin (HGP92) from Sonac is the perfect solution. Sonac processes fresh, food grade pig and beef blood in a very quick, safe and clean process resulting in high protein containing Hemoglobin powder with a long shelf-life and a very low total plate count (TPC). Without losing the functionality of the protein (water binding capacity), Hemoglobin is the perfect and safe solution for making local delicacies. Sonac’s Hemoglobin powder acts the same as blood, gaining it recognizable dark brown/black color.

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  • Application:

    Hemoglobin is a high protein containing powder (92%) which has a functionality in between 1:5 – 1:7. The powder is perfectly soluble, making usage relatively easy. As it is available in powder form, storage and transport is convenient. Applications are broad, with the most common use in black/blood sausages. Also outside coloring to give a more appealing sight to e.g. hams/bacon is a perfect applicable application.


    QColor Beef Hemoglobin 92B  - Evidence

    Above the results of the color stability research of Harimix. On the left: Frankfurter sterilized / canned. Middle left: Frankfurter pasteurized / vacuum. Middle right: Ham Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). On the right side: Ham vacuum packed.


    • 100% natural
    • Pork or beef available
    • Microbiological safe solution compared to fresh blood
    • High iron containing
    • Functional and easy soluble
    • Water binding capacity
    • Also available in frozen blood


    • Ambient storage stable
    • Clean label
    • Iron fortification
    • Low microbiology level compared to fresh blood
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