QBoost Pork Globoost 90P

Optimise taste and smell of cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products.

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  • Applications: Cooked whole muscle ham, Sandwich ham, pizza topping, Cured, smoked and cooked bacon
    Function: Boost
    Origin: Pork
    Benefits: Clean label, Texture/bite, Taste enhancement, Cooking / frying yield, Sliceability / Slicing yield, Protein enrichment, Low collagen, Carrageenan, Cost reduction

    QBoost Pork Globoost 90P improves taste and profits. When producing cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, yield, taste and elasticity are important product characteristics. Due to changes in legislation and growing consumer awareness, ‘clean labeling’ and ‘fewer E-numbers’ are becoming required more and more in meat products.

    Globoost 90P fulfills these demands, as it acts at a meat flavor and consists of 90% protein. It has an amino acid profile which is similar to meat and high in essential amino acids.

    Globoost 90P also gives meat producers the ability to replace carrageenan (E407) in cooked hams as Globoost 90P increases the elasticity and increases cooking yield in a similar way to carrageenan, but as a natural solution without E-numbers!

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  • Application:

    When producing cooked hams and shoulders, QBoost Pork Globoost 90P can be added to the brine or to the meat during tumbling, as it is fully soluble. Globoost 90P can also be added during the dough preparation for comminuted or emulsified meat products. The success factors of QBoost Pork Globoost 90P

    • Increased yield and/or carrageenan replacement in cooked ham and shoulders
    • Cooked meat products, such as Luncheon Meat, frankfurters and bologna for increased yield and added protein
    • Minced meat for added protein


    QBoost Pork Globoost 90P - Evidence

    Sensory value of color and taste of cooked ham with QBoost Pork Globoost 90P.

    Factor: taste/smell and color

    • Recommended dosage results in increased perception of taste and smell
    • Neutral color when recommended concentrations are applied

    Which concentration delivers optimal results?

    When preparing cooked hams, shoulders and comminuted meat products, optimal results when applying QBoost Pork Globoost 90P protein are dependent on the production process. In general, the recommended maximal concentration is 2 - 4 % per product.


    • Perfect mild meat flavor
    • High protein content (90%)
    • Similar to meat protein; high in essential amino acids
    • High solubility
    • Neutral color
    • E407 replacement
    • Improved yield


    • Clean label
    • Salt reduction with taste-enhancing proteins
    • Cooking yield improvement
    • Slicing yield improvement
    • Texture/bite improvement
    • Taste enhancement
    • Protein enrichment
    • Cost price reduction
    • Injectable solutions
    • No collagen
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      Interested in our QBoost Globoost 90P leaflet?

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