QBoost Pork BB90

Ideal for Savory products and ready meals to give a 100% natural boost in proteins and flavor.

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  • Applications: Sandwich ham, pizza topping, Cured, smoked and cooked bacon, Soups, sauces, broths
    Function: Boost
    Origin: Pork
    Benefits: Clean label, Texture/bite, Taste enhancement, Syneresis reduction, Sliceability / Slicing yield, Brine viscosity increase, Drying time reduction, Protein enrichment, Cost reduction

    QBoost Pork BB90 bone broth has a meaty, savory flavor. 90% of it consists of animal protein, and it contains a low level of fat and sodium. No MSG, salt or carriers are added to this 100% natural product (all components present are derived from the pork bones).

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  • Application:

    Thanks to its taste, viscosity and stability, QBoost Pork BB90 has advantages for producers, consumers and food service professionals. It adds value to a variety of savory food products, including:

    • Soups (dried, concentrated)
    • Soups (ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat)
    • Sauces (demi-glacé and ready-to-use)
    • Gravies and marinades
    • Broths/bouillons/stocks (shelf-stable)
    • Protein-boost shakes


    • Boosts taste & texture of meat and savory products
    • 100% natural
    • Protein level of 90%
    • Low in fat or sodium
    • Offers consistent quality
    • Offers great convenience
    • Clean label
    • E-number-free (no MSG, salt or carriers)
    • Transparent color
    • Favorable labeling: Pork broth/stock
    • Appearance: liquid and in 5, 7, 18 or 100 mesh


    • Clean label
    • Salt reduction with taste-enhancing proteins
    • Texture/bite improvement
    • Taste enhancement
    • Download leaflet

      Interested in our QBoost Pork BB90 leaflet?

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