QBind Turkey FPP T

Halal, GMO-free, 100% turkey functional protein for quality improvement of emulsified cooked products. Available in 30-mesh and 80-mesh.

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  • Applications: Cooked sausages - eaten hot (hot dog, viena, frankfurter, breakfast sausage, grill type), Cooked sausages - cold cuts (lyoner, Pariser, Bologna, Mortadella type), Canned meats (luncheon meats, corned beef, meat spreads), Meat balls, hamburgers, fresh sausages, Dried and fermented sausages, Cooked salami (salami cotti, sucuk), Liver sausage, liver pate, Minced meat doner kebab, Nuggets, schnitzel, cordon blue, Soups, sauces, broths, Fresh meat, Cooked whole muscle ham, Sandwich ham, pizza topping
    Function: Bind
    Origin: Turkey
    Benefits: Clean label, Halal certified, Texture/bite, Taste enhancement, Spreadability, Cooking / frying yield, Drying time reduction, Low collagen, Meat, Fat, Skin, MDM, Salt, Soy, Cost reduction

    Functional Poultry Protein is a chicken or turkey protein that enables users to boost quality and productivity and to lower cost price. Functional Poultry Protein is a chicken or turkey protein with good emulsifying properties, and a water binding capacity of 1:8. It contains a high level of protein. The protein is well dispersible and forms a strong gel after heating and cooling. Furthermore, Functional Poultry Protein is a combination of meat and collagen proteins which give a nice chicken flavor together with good functionality of the collagen proteins.

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  • Application:

    Functional Poultry Protein can be used:

    • In all type of emulsified cooked products like frankfurters, nuggets, fingers, schnitzels and meat balls
    • For injection or tumbling purposes for (reformed) chicken breast, nuggets, döner kebab and fresh poultry meat
    • To improve the adherence of batter to chicken nuggets, schnitzel
    • To improve the shape and stability of fresh formed products like meat balls and poultry burgers which will lead to improved productivity in production processes
    • Ability to replace vegetable functional proteins for allergen replacement and taste improvement


    • Better mouthfeel and taste experience - improved juiciness.
    • 100% chicken or 100% turkey
    • Nice chicken flavor, enabling the possibility to reduce salt and spice levels
    • Wide range of applications; tumbling, injection, emulsified products and grinded products
    • Natural
    • Sustainable
    • Halal
    • GMO free
    • No E-numbers
    • Cost effective


    • Clean label
    • Salt reduction with taste enhancing proteins
    • Meat replacement
    • Cooking yield improvement
    • Slicing yield improvement
    • Texture/bite improvement
    • Syneresis reduction
    • Shrinkage reduction
    • Spreadability/texture improvement
    • Drying time reduction
    • Taste enhancement
    • Cost price reduction
    • Soy replacement
    • Low collagen
    • Download leaflet

      Interested in our QBind Turkey FPP T leaflet?

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