Beef up your burger

11 minutes
Publication date: 07-29-2020
  • 33% less cooking loss and shrinkage

    People who love a good burger don’t want to see it shrinking before their eyes as it sizzles on the grill. Our research has shown that the average diameter of each burger reduces by 27%, with an overall cooking loss of 24%.

    The good news is that you can reduce this very visible loss by up to a third, simply by adding a small amount of beef proteins from Sonac.

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    Our extensive research has proven precisely how much difference using our QBind Beef PP70B and QBind Beef GP83B make to the size of the cooked burger:

    Nearly 10% more burger for the bun

    With our products, your customers and also consumers can clearly see there’s more meat to enjoy.

    Beef up your burgers – and your margins

    Our beef greaves can add a tasty flavor to burgers, as well as - just like our beef plasma - helping to maintain the uncooked size. They’re appealing to burger lovers as well as cost-efficient for you.

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