Enhance meat colors in a way that lasts

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Publication date: 07-29-2020
  • Enhance meat colors in a way that lasts

    When consumers buy or consume meat products, an important indicator for them is a fresh color. This builds trust and makes them enjoy their meal better. Especially today, it’s important for meat processors that every product looks its best during its entire shelf life.

    QColor Harimix is a natural protein made by Sonac that keeps meat looking appetizing both in-store and at home. Its functional ingredient is hemoglobin, which boosts the natural red color of meat products. QColor Harimix is available as a powder (Harimix P) and as a liquid (Harimix C) from either beef or pork origin.

    The naturally red, stable choice

    QColor Harimix is a natural solution that appeals to consumers. Unlike carmine, it doesn’t need to be described by an E-number on food labels. This makes it more attractive to the growing number of people looking for natural foodstuffs. What’s more, QColor Harimix is a very stable way to color meat products. Extensive tests in different product categories prove that it considerably improves the natural meat color, with little to no decolorization over time. To find out more, download our research report into color stability testing.

    More appetizing than carmine or beetred

    The use of carmine or beetred often leads to an unnaturally pink color in meat products. QColor Harimix outperforms colorants such as these when it comes to stability, clean labeling and natural color. Suitable for improving both the inside and outside of meat products, it can be used in cooked and emulsified meats, ground meats, injected / tumbled whole-muscled meats, fermented and fresh ground meats.

    QColor Harimix spreads homogenously throughout the meat without coloring fat particles. It’s easy to use and completely soluble.

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