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Publication date: 07-29-2020
  • QBind Chicken FPP C: 100% chicken protein

    With demand for chicken products on the rise, it’s worth using a pure chicken protein from Sonac to enhance your recipes. Our QBind Chicken FPP C has great nutritional value as well as functional benefits. What’s more, it’s available at a competitive price, giving it the power to enhance your chicken meat very cost-effectively.

    Here are its key benefits:

    • Lower cost in use than ISP
    • Adds a meaty/chicken taste
    • Better texture/cohesion in higher extensions
    • Replaces meat, fat and skin
    • Clean-label ingredient (replacing MDM, salt or soy)
    QBind FPP C in more detail

    Our new research shows: QBind Chicken FPP C scores better than ISP in chicken skin emulsion

    QBind Chicken FPP C is a 100% chicken protein derived from chicken fat. It adds a tasty chicken flavor, creates a better texture, and improves cohesion. Our research team recently compared skin emulsions containing QBind Chicken FPP C with those containing ISP to assess visual aspects, texture and price. We noticed a number of differences between the two and we think the results will be very interesting for you.

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    Even the price is right

    Our research shows that our functional poultry proteins are a cost-effective alternative within your poultry puzzle. So this is a good moment to re-evaluate your current solution while exploring the price and product options that QBind Chicken FPP C offers.

    Contact us now for a free sample or to discuss your opportunities for developing an allergen-free, clean-label solution by switching to QBind Chicken FPP C.

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